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Treat your lashes with a high quality eyelash conditioner!

Eyelash & Eyebrow BALM

Eyelash & Eyebrow BALM

The care highlight for eyelashes

A jewel among the eyelash care products is the Eyelash & Eyebrow Balm by Wimpernwelle. Highly enriched with the oil from the seeds of the magic tropical tree Ricinus communis, every desire for strong and supple eyelashes can be fulfilled, because Castor Oil is a centuries-old proven and effective means of eyelash and eyebrow care. It nourishes thanks to many vitamins contained therein and prevents eyelashes and eyebrows from becoming dry and brittle. Thus, the nightly eyelash treatment with the balm is the care highlight even after advanced eyelash treatments such as lash tinting or lash lifting. In addition, it supports the lash growth in a natural way and helps to create strong, thick and shiny lashes.

Lash & Brow Lamination Fluid home

Lash & Brow Lamination Fluid home

High quality KERATIN treatment for home use

The Lash & Brow LAMINATION FLUID home helps to reinforce the structural build-up and gives strong and shiny eyelashes by the KERATIN BOOSTER - a high-end fluid with most valuable active substances:

- Keratin replenishes roughened eyelash hairs and thus works from the inside
- Silk proteins smoothen and coat the cuticle layer from the outside
- Wheat proteins provide a protective film around the eyelashes and thus ensure a repair effect
Panthenol moisturises eyelashes

The Lash & Brow LAMINATION FLUID was chosen Product of the Year 2018.

On stage of the BEAUTY EXPO in Prague, the sought-after PRODUKT AWARD was given to the best cosmetic product in the category Deco + Care.

Due to its outstanding quality, the renowned expert jury awarded GOLD to our KERATIN BOOSTER!