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Lash Lifting since 1996

Lash Lifting = Eyelash Perm: Whether in the classical way with Lifting rolls (Eyelash rolls) or since a few years also with our design-protected POWER PADs made of silicone - Wimpernwelle Lash Lifting treatments belong to the standard in many cosmetic and hairdressing studios.

Lash Lifting CLASSIC

Lash Lifting POWER PAD

Get yourself the dream look too!

Lash Perm = Lash Lifting = Lamination?

YES, Lash Perm is also called Lash Lifting or Lamination. It always means the same treatment, which is only marketed under different names. No matter if you use silicone pads or rolls, your eyelashes will always be lifted permanently in a very pronounced way. VIDEO: How to lift your lashes right from the roots also with rolls!


2 ways of Lash Lifting - 1 result: Choose your favorite!

Wimpernwelle Lash Lift CLASSIC or Lash Lift POWER PAD: Easy and safe way to the WOW result!


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Here, professionals will find all necessary information around our Lash Lift treatments:

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BROW Lifting & Styling

Ook last van dwarse haren in de wenkbrauwen?

Met onze nieuwe techniek kunnen we de wnkbrauw haren mooi glad maken en in de juiste richting fixeren. Hoe? Dat kan met de schoonheidstrend "BROW Lifting": de wenkbrauw haren zijn zo gevormd dat ze 3-5 weken in elke richting kunnen worden gekamd en er dus voller uitzien.

BROW Lifting

BINACIL - Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint only for professionals!


For the professional field, we placed on the market our product BINACILTM Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint, which promises both: excellent, long lasting tinting results and a very good tolerance. How many times has Eyelash Tinting been associated with stinging eyes? Those times definitely belong to the past!

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