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Lash Lifting, Brow Lifting & me shume»Lash Lifting»For professionals: products (Only for professional use)

For professionals: products (Only for professional use)

ART. NO. 10240AL

Refill package with treatment gels for Wimpernwelle Lash Lifting CLASSIC or Wimpernwelle Lash Lifting POWER PAD

For 24 treatments.

24 x Gel 1, 24 x Gel 2, 1 Brush

Additionally required articles:

Sodium Chloride Solution (Art. no. 10330) - a "must" before each treatment, for the removal of excess grease from lid and lashes.

ART. NO. 10330

1 bottle (125 ml)

OBLIGATORY use before each treatment: for the removal of excess grease from eyelid and lashes. This is the only way to guarantee that the POWER PADs or the rolls adhere perfectly to the lid and also the lashes will keep well on the roll or on the Power Pad™.

ART. NO. 10312

1 tube (2 ml)

To fix stubborn eyelashes - also during the treatment.

TIP: The Glue & Roll Remover (Art. no. 10336) removes the Special Glue again easily and quickly.

ART. NO. 10336

1 bottle (100 ml)

For fast and easy removal of Special Glue, POWER PAD Glue™ and Lifting rolls after the treatment - even if you had to use a lot of Special Glue in addition.

ART. NO. 10370

1 bottle (3 ml)

The Lamination as last step after the Lash Lift or Lash Tinting gives strong and shiny lashes with Keratin, silk and wheat proteins as well as Panthenol.

APPLICATION: Using the microbrush, the eyelashes are covered with fluid from above and below. Do not wash off the fluid during the following hours!

ART. NO. 10340

1,25 cm x 5 m

For lifting and keeping the upper lid securely stretched before gluing on POWER PADs or rolls.

ART. NO. 23975

7,6 x 2,9 cm

For covering the lower eyelashes during the Lash Lifting treatment (1 package = 10 pairs)

TIP: HYAPEP™ eye contour treatment during Lash Lifting or Lash Tinting: Apply the HYAPEP™ serum first. Then place the self-adhesive Skin Protection Pads on top.

ART. NO. 10322

made of stainless steel

for application of eyelashes on the Power Pads or Lifting rolls (instead of wooden sticks)

ART. NO. 10361

1 bottle (50 ml)

Special remover for hard to remove or waterproof mascara

ART. NO. 10331

Safety precaution „just in case“: for rinsing eyes with water if any product gets into the eyes.