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Below you can find all the products you need for LASH LIFTING CLASSIC treatment.

For more than 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to successfully treat and lift all eyelashes around the world by Wimpernwelle Lash Lifting CLASSIC: Self-adhesive eyelash rolls offered in 6 different diameters will lift any eyelash and give a soft to strong lifting effect.

Whether strong lifting or just a soft, natural curve: According to the roll size everything can be achieved!

ART.-N° 10200ES

24 UD. 0,25 ml Gel 1,
24 UD. 0,25 ml Gel 2,
Pincel, Pegamento,
3 UD. Bigudíes paquete
(1 x S + 1 x M + 1x L)

ART.-N° 10260ES

8 x Gel 1 0,25 ml
8 x Gel 2 0,25 ml
pincel, pegamento
8 bigudíes pequeño
8 bigudíes mediano

Tamaños XS a XXL

N° 1 - mini - XS
N° 2 - pequeño - S
N° 3 - mediano - M
N° 4 - grande - L
N° 5 - extra grande - XL
N° 6 - 2x extra grande - XXL

ART.-N° 10325

DVD de Formación de Permanente y Tinte de Pestañas con BINACIL- paso a paso, 27 min (en español, alemán, inglés, francés, italiano, ruso, polaco, rumano, turco)

Mirada mágica ART.-N°80406ES

DIN A2 (42,0 * 59,4 cm)

ART. NR. 80307ENG

"Lash Lifting CLASSIC"

DIN A5, 20 pcs.

Below you can find all the products you need for LASH LIFTING POWER PAD treatment.

Start successfully with your Lash Lifting POWER PAD now and achieve fantastic results. Due to the unique shape of the silicone pads the eyelashes will be lifted every time in the same defined shape. No failure will upset treatment beginners, even very short eyelashes will be lifted significantly with POWER PAD™ size no 1.

ART. NO. 10270ENG

For 20 treatments.

20 x 0,25 ml Gel 1
20 x 0,25 ml Gel 2
2 Power Pad™ Glue
1 Brush, 2 Special glue
1 Medical tape
3 packages Power Pad™
(1 x size 1-XS, 1 x size 2-S, 1 x size 3-M, 4 pairs per package)

Additionally required articles:
Obligatory use before treatment:
Sodium Chloride Solution (Art. No. 10330ENG)!

ART. NO. 10315

1 Tube (4,5 ml)

The glue is water-based. Especially created to fix the POWER PAD™ on the lid and the lashes on the POWER PAD™.

Tip: Apply only THIN. Too much glue needs too long to dry! Remove it with our Glue & Roll Remover (Art. No. 10336ENG).