Samedi, 28. 11. 2020


The Wimpernwelle POWER PAD™ - made in Germany - is a completely new developed silicon pad with an innovative, protected 3D design for a perfect Wimpernwelle Lash Lifting:

  • The Power Pad™ is easy to apply, because its back is preformed and thus corresponds to the natural shape of the eyelid.
  • As the eyelashes are shorter at the corner of the eye, also the front part of the pad is designed asymmetrically: Therefore there is always one left and one right Power Pad™.
  • For an easy and precise lay-on, the lower edge of the Power Pad™ follows the eyelid margin.
  • It adjusts to every eye thanks to its' soft and skin-friendly Silicone.

HERE in this video, we show you how easily also YOUR eyelashes may obtain the Lash Lifting effect:

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The lifting treatment can be realized in any beauty studio, hairdresser's salon or nail studio - simply ask for Lash Lifting CLASSIC!

In our directory "DES INSTITUTS A PROXIMITE DE MON DOMICILE" you will find a number of specialized studios offering the WIMPERNWELLE Lash Lifting treatment nearby you.


CONSEIL - 2ème étape pour cils parfaits: Teinture

You can have your eyelashes tinted immediately after a Lash Lifting CLASSIC. Your new WIMPERNWELLE lifting effect will show even more!

In case your studio is using our professional BINACIL™ Eyelash Tint, the application time directly after a  Wimpernwelle Lash Lift will only be 2 minutes!


 CONSEIL - 3ème étape pour cils parfaits: Lamination

The LAMINATION with LAMINATION FLUID professional gives extra care at the end of each eyelash treatment and makes lashes shiny and strong. 

The KERATIN BOOSTER contained therein is a HIGHEND conditioner and revitalizes the eyelash structure.


RECOMMENDATION: With our award-winning LASH & BROW LAMINATION FLUID home you can effectively continue the KERATIN care at home.

Rehaussement de cils POWER PAD avant

Rehaussement de cils POWER PAD apres